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Introducing the “King David Ring” – an emblem of unwavering support for Israel, exclusively designed for those who wholeheartedly stand with the nation. Crafted to commemorate the tragic attack against the Israeli people on October 7th, 2023, this unique ring symbolizes unity and resilience.

Meticulously designed and gold-plated, the King David Ring is not merely a piece of jewelry but an elite symbol for martial artists embodying the principles of Krav Maga – self-defense, strength, and determination. Weighing 121 grams and standing at 32mm in height, this substantial ring showcases exquisite craftsmanship.

The King David Ring is a powerful homage to the legacy of King David, an iconic figure in Israel’s history renowned for courage and triumph. By wearing this ring, individuals express unwavering support for Israel, aligning themselves with a community devoted to peace, security, and justice.

To enhance its exclusivity, each King David Ring is elegantly presented in a specially crafted jewel ring box, providing a luxurious experience. The ring comes in a universal finger size 12, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. For those with smaller fingers, resizing by any jewelry professional is a seamless option.

Whether you are a martial artist or someone seeking to make a statement of solidarity, the King David Ring is a tangible symbol of resilience, encased in a luxurious package. Join us in honoring the memory of those affected by the events of October 7th, 2023, and let the King David Ring be your personal emblem of unwavering support for Israel – a striking representation of strength and unity.