Krav Maga Certification Course With Master Alain Cohen In Israel

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Join us for a full certification course led by Master Alain Cohen, two of the best Krav Maga masters worldwide. Here’s how to choose the right course option for you:

  • Beginner: If you are new to Krav Maga, join our Certification Course, the most affordable option, and receive a completion certificate.

  • 6+ months experience: If you have been practicing Krav Maga for 6 months or more, opt for the Team Leader Course.

  • 1+ year experience: If you have 1 year or more of Krav Maga experience, consider the Assistant Instructor Course.

  • 3+ years experience: If you have 3 years or more of Krav Maga experience, enroll in the Instructor Certification.

  • For Next Levels: Choose the certification course based on your previous level. For example, if on your last course you were certified Level 2, advance to Level 3.

  • Questions? If you have any doubts or questions feel free to Contact us on WhatsApp: +972-54-583-64-18.

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Attestation Course, Team Leader, Assistant Instructor, Level 1 – Civilians Instructor, Level 2 – Law Enforcement Instructor, Level 3 – Military Instructor, Level 4 – Bodyguard Instructor, Level 5 – Air Marshal Instructor, Level 6 – Counter Terrorism Instructor, Level 7 – Expert Instructor, Level 8 – International Expert Instructor, Level 9 – Senior Instructor, Level 10 – Krav Maga Coach, Level 11 – Senior Coach, Level 12 – Krav Maga Master