Krav Maga Private Course

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Experience an exclusive one-week private course, conducted in person, under the direct guidance of Master Cohen himself.



Level up your Krav Maga skills with an extraordinary opportunity: a one-on-one private course led by the esteemed Master Alain Cohen himself. If you’re seeking a premium training experience and personalized coaching, this exclusive program is tailored just for you.

Master Alain Cohen, renowned for his expertise and mastery of Krav Maga, will provide you with unparalleled attention and guidance. This private course guarantees an accelerated learning process, allowing you to grasp techniques more effectively and progress at an unparalleled pace. By focusing solely on your individual needs, strengths, and areas of improvement, you’ll experience unparalleled growth in your Krav Maga abilities.

Investing in this exceptional private training is an investment in your own development. While it may involve a higher cost than regular group courses, the value it delivers is incomparable. With Master Alain Cohen’s undivided attention and personalized feedback, you’ll witness substantial improvements in your skills, technique, and overall performance. This intensive training will elevate you to new heights and ensure you surpass your own expectations.

Additionally, this private course offers the opportunity to earn certification, enhancing your credibility and recognition within the Krav Maga community. Your achievements will be validated by the renowned Master Alain Cohen himself, reinforcing the authenticity and excellence of your skills.

Don’t miss this chance to embark on a transformative journey with one of the most respected figures in Krav Maga. Master Alain Cohen’s private coaching will not only elevate your abilities but also instill confidence, discipline, and a profound understanding of the art of self-defense. Take a leap towards greatness and join the select few who have experienced the unparalleled benefits of private training with Master Alain Cohen.

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